Big business starts small.

To remain competitive, you need to enable mobile-savvy users who demand always-on connectivity and use a range of cloud-based apps.

Find your competitive advantage now with a purpose-built Aruba network.

Choose your network.

You need a simple network that doesn't require babysitting.

While wireless is the primary way employees access your network, you need integrated wireless and wired infrastructure that’s easy to deploy and provides high connection speeds.

Aruba’s simple solution for small businesses combines secure, powerful switching at the core with the flexibility of an access point to reach your printers, PCs and other networked devices.

HPE Office Connect 1420 series switches are affordable and scalable enough to support your networking needs at every stage of business growth. When coupled with Aruba Instant On AP11 or AP11D access points, you get a cost-effective and easy-to-manage Wi-Fi and LAN solution.

Step up to a network built for the mobile, IoT and security demands of today’s commercial environment.

Plug and play installation and administration

Affordable PoE+ capabilities

Reliability and peace of mind

You need a simple network that doesn't require babysitting.

Consumer-grade wireless can’t keep up with your business-critical voice, video and cloud applications. You need an enterprise-grade solution that’s easy on the pocket and light on resources.

Aruba’s smart solution for businesses of less than 100 staff combines multiple switches at the core with a powerful access point at the edge. With 4x4 MIMO and 1,733 Mbps wireless transfer speeds, you’ll satisfy even the most bandwidth-hungry users and cloud servers.

HPE OfficeConnect 1920S and 1820 series switches provide significant value at the network core. The smart-managed, fixed-configuration Gigabit switches are optimized for small business price and performance.

Aruba’s Instant On AP15 access point is similarly built for small business deployments. Power your network edge with support for high-traffic and increased performance demands at an attractive price point.

Simplified network administration

Support for high client density when your business grows

Separate guest and employee Wi-Fi networks

You need a secure network that is optimized for your business.

As the number of devices on your network increases, you need greater insight into connected users, devices and applications. And it needs to run smoothly at all times.

Aruba’s midsize business solution includes patented performance optimization features, real-time insight and automated troubleshooting tools that reduce incidents.

Core switching with Aruba 2930 and edge switching with Aruba 2530 provides robust WLAN connectivity, while Aruba 305 Instant Access Points deliver exceptional wireless connectivity to a dense user base.

With Aruba Central, you can reset your focus to delivering value for the business. Simplify your network operations with cloud-based network management, optimized application delivery and Zero Touch Provisioning.

Fast and future-proof networking with support for fiber and copper-based media

Rich security capabilities including WPA/WPA3 and OWE

Save power with Energy Efficient Ethernet

Why Aruba?

Gartner has recognized Aruba as a Leader in Wired and Wireless LAN Access Infrastructure for 13 consecutive years, for helping midsize businesses deploy reliable networking solutions with utmost confidence.

“Aruba Leads the Pack” is how Forrester put it in their 2019 Wireless Solutions New Wave report, which recognized Aruba as the only vendor in the “Leaders” category.

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